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Are you looking for a way to turn your Mortgage into Cash?

Tara Sky has taken 5+ years worth of knowledge in the airline crashpad industry and condensed it into this book! Learn the tricks of the trade in this tell-all guide!

"Never knew there was a market for crash pads. For people that like to invest in rental property, a crash pad can bring in 2-3 times more income with less risk. The author has written a detailed step by step book that would be beneficial to anyone wanting to get more out of their rental property or someone wanting to have a steady source of retirement income."

Terrell Smith

About The Author

Shortly after Sky earned her wings in 2013, she started a crash pad to supplement her flight attendant income and cover her mortgage while helping fellow flight crew. She has since grown her business to include two successful crashpad properties.

When Sky isn't managing her crashpad business, you can often find her traveling the globe with her husband. When she's home, she enjoys coordinating development projects, planning travel tours and practicing yoga with her two loving dogs. She also enjoys creative writing and looks forward to publishing more of her work.

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What's Inside The Book

A crashpad is a temporary home for airline crew between flight sequences, located at the crewmembers base, which is chosen by the airline, not the crew member. A commuter crashpad provides a place to sleep, eat, and shower when needed, and saves crew members from otherwise spending insane amounts of money on hotels. 

Based on real-life experience, Sky invites you on her journey, from earning her wings to becoming the first to professionally manage two successful crashpad properties and serving more than 400 clients.

Sky's guide answers questions you didn't even know you had about starting and managing a crashpad. She shares tips, tricks and detailed experiences that will truly paint a picture of what it means to run a professional crashpad. The updated version includes illustrations and more information on how much cash you could be making. Follow Sky's step-by-step guide to start turning your mortgage into cash now!

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